Welcome to the Center

Welcome to the Center for Business Performance Improvement, presented through the University of Colorado's Engineering Management Program. The Center serves as a single contact point and clearing house for a business to find solutions.  Our combination of advanced tools and practical experience means that your business will receive the right tools at the right time in order to maximize your profitability. 

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Our solutions can be grouped into the four categories below.

Business Performance Excellence Implementations
The Center offers training seminars as well as on-site implementation of Business Performance Excellence (BPE). BPE is the "only fully-integrated business model." (Lawrence, 1998) BPE implementations align every employee with the objectives of the business. We utilize a system that has been proven in many companies over the years which organizes and links strategic planning and policy deployment, horizontal alignment of areas, Six Sigma, project prioritization and selection, and day-to-day management, among others.

Through the Center, businesses have access to experienced consultants with the expertise to help you improve your business' performance. Graduate students, working under the guidance of these consultants, offer an affordable approach for smaller businesses.

Data Analysis

Data is meaningless without understanding. The Center uses sophisticated statistical analysis tools honed through decades of use to generate knowledge from data. Using our techniques, the Center can set up an experiment to economically and efficiently solve your problems and optimize your processes, or extract information from your existing data that you did not think possible. We also provide third-party data analysis, such as entrepreneurial research validation.

Courses and Training

The Center can provide on- or off-site training on a number of topics in our areas of specialty. These training events can be anything from the full course content of graduate courses to special topics of interest to customized training designed to meet your needs.


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